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WatchGuard® Firewall and Email Scanner

XTM: Extensible Threat Management. Firewall, VPN, and More

Affordable, fast and brand new. WatchGuard® XTM 5 Series appliances put together a firewall/ VPN with extremely fast throughput and a suite of responsive management tools to give your businesses a dependable way to keep their networks safe. They have strong security, up to 2.3 Gbps firewall throughput, and seven Ethernet interfaces – six GigE and one FE – to support high-speed LAN backbone infrastructures and gigabit WAN connections. You can manage security from a centralized console, scriptable CLI, and web UI. Also, real-time monitoring and rich reporting are included at no extra cost. It easily scales to accommodate your growth.

WatchGuard XTM5

WatchGuard® XTM 5 Series

  • Up to 2.3 Gbps firewall throughput
  • The Advanced OS is available for more demanding network environments
  • It will easily upgrade for greater performance, more users, and additional security features
  • Includes intuitive management console

XCS: Extensible Content Security. Email and Web Security

WatchGuard XTM stack

WatchGuard XCS 370 and 570 appliances are affordable, complete email security resolutions. They defend against inbound threats including viruses, spam, blended threats, phishing, spyware and network attacks. Unwanted traffic is blocked (98%) at the perimeter and it will boost your email security and performance without breaking the bank.

WatchGuard® XCS™ 370 and 570

Protect your network at the perimeter from spam and email-borne threats.

  • It will block more than 98% of unwanted email at the perimeter
  • Provides full visibility into and control of inbound and outbound email traffic
  • Content filtering and malware protection capabilities scan all email for threats

Web Security to Extend Risk Management

WatchGuard XCS Web Security Subscription will allow businesses to combine email and web security and data loss prevention into a single solution. Extend your risk management boundary and eliminate security gaps and enforce policies. Reduce your total cost of ownership with a single point of administration across multiple protocols. Extend security for inbound and outbound network traffic which will include the web

  • Dynamic inspection performs real-time content examination and analysis
  • URL filtering and categorization dynamically block sites based on policies and content
  • Includes powerful reputation lookup service that assembles data from multiple feeds, including industry-leading anti-virus engines, for comprehensive protection