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Cryptzone, a technology innovator, will help alleviate your IT security risk.


Data protection is important to anyone who works with and stores data, encompassing a broad range of industries—financial services, government, medical, educational, insurance—just to name a few. Security breaches can have a far-reaching impact to not only a company’s finances, but to their reputation as well. For government agencies in particular, it may even be a matter of national security. The types of data at risk include intellectual property, corporate financial information, internal communications, customer and consumer data, and employee information.

Cryptzone brings together the people, processes and technology to address information security risks identified in the four key areas of: Policy Compliance, Content Security, Secure Access and Endpoint Security. This includes NETconsent Policy Compliance, AppGate Access Control, SE46 Application Whitelisting and SEP encryption and secured endpoint protection based on the Cryptzone Management Console.

Secured eMail

Policy-controlled email encryption
Secured eMail makes it possible for the end user to send secured emails and attachment to anyone directly from Outlook and Lotus Notes. The receiver can open the secured email on any platform as Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Symbian and Android and reply back encrypted and secured.

Secured eFile

Centrally controlled file/folder security and encryption
Secured eFile enables collaborative access to an individual user, work groups or Active Directory OU groups. The end user to secure any file or folder and assign individual or group access rights to it. The SEP manager will control authentication and key management. The secured data can be stored anyplace within the network, including networked share drives, desktops, laptops, USB flash drives and portable media.

Secured eUSB

Centrally managed USB encryption tool
Secured eUSB makes it possible to convert a regular USB flash drive into a secured USB flash drive with strong security that users can safely travel with. The central management console offers detailed content reporting about every flash drive and the ability to lock down or wipe the flash drive.

Secured eCollaboration

Microsoft SharePoint File security & encryption
Secured eCollaboration is a file encryption & security add-on to your existing Microsoft SharePoint® deployment. It adds functionality which allows users to encrypt documents and files right from within SharePoint but also on the user’s desktop, USB flash drives, portable hard drives, network drives, etc.

Secured eDevice

Endpoint Control – Portal devices/media/Port Control
Secured eDevice gives you complete control over how I/O devices and removable media are used throughout your organization. Secured eDevice monitors and enforces device control and data transfer policies on all computers on the network. Provides strong reporting capability from a centralize management system.

Secured eDisk PD

Hard drive for Desktops/Laptops/Servers
Secured eDisk is a full hard disk encryption product that secures entire hard drives in laptops, workstations, and servers, as well as removable media. By using Secured eDisk, you can ensure that sensitive information remains secure and compliance is maintained even if a system is lost, stolen, or disposed of improperly. Centralized administration makes eDisk easy to deploy and manage.