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Laser Dazzler

Tested on the battlefield. Used by the U.S. military. It is the most compact laser device available for the purpose of target vision impairment from a distance.

Laser Dazzler

A non-lethal weapon

Green light The powerful 532nm (Green) Flashing Laser engages the target in a wall of green laser light to disorient and distract the subject. This can be a disorientation (temporary vision impairment) from a few seconds to over a minute. It can overload the optic nerve rendering the target nearly sightless for a period of time.


  • 500 Milliwatt, 532nm (green) flashing laser
  • Overall length 11 inches, maximum diameter 2.5 inches
  • Powered by lithium sulfur dioxide primary batteries or CR123A Lithium
  • Minimum eye save range – 20 meters (without holographic diffuser)
  • Minimum eye safe range – 3 meters (with holographic diffuser)
  • Maximum effective range is 2 kilometers – at night
  • Maximum effective range is 200 meters in bright sunlight
  • Weight – 2.0 lbs
  • Weight as shown – 2.6 lbs
  • All weather, general purpose and water tight
  • All US produced parts
  • ANSI NOHD – 29 meters for 0.25 second exposure duration
  • ANSI NOHD – 45 meters for 10.0 second exposure duration
  • Ongoing eye examinations continue to demonstrate no eye damage from repeated direct exposures of the CHP at and beyond the minimum 20-meter stand off distance.


  • Distraction & Disruption
  • Rock / Projectile Thrower
  • Counter Sniper
  • Counter Surveillance
  • Block line of sight when approaching
  • Crowd Control
  • Line of sight signaling (or marking locations) over long distances


The Laser Dazzler will inhibit directed action by temporarily blinding or interfering with sight. As a result, the military uses it (one of several uses) in Afghanistan and Iraq at checkpoints to keep (potential bombers) at a distance. It has also stopped many an errant civilian thereby saving them from being fired upon.