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This revolutionary XR-DE Module automatically detects organic/inorganic materials. It uses a Golden pulsed X-Ray source and a Flat Fox 17 or Fox Rayzor portable flat panel system.

XR-DE side and close-up views

The Module quite simply snaps onto the Golden pulsed X-Ray source. There is no assembly or screws. You can continue to use the source as usual with no decrease in penetration. With 270kV, DE penetration improves 200% offering a better Probability of Detection.

XR-DE example 1

This new tool presents yet another step towards safety. XR-DE furthers our One Approach (or no approach when working with a robot) philosophy. You need not return down-range. It draws power from the ICU or X-Ray source batteries (wireless mode). It is entirely controlled from the laptop located at a safe distance.

XR-DE inspection of shoes for security danger


  • Unique Portable X-Ray system with fully automatic Organic detection
  • 200% Improved DE Penetration
  • Battery Free Module
  • Safest and Fastest Real-Time Systems
  • Fully Robot Integrated