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The RayzorX digital panel is the thinnest digital imager ever built. It is just 0.51 inches thick. This means it can fit into tight places while providing razor sharp images. It enables detection in the most challenging of conditions. Packed in a rugged case (or backpack) it can easily be transported by just one person. It provides easy access to efficient and safe inspection, anywhere, anytime.

Images are available on a laptop screen in mere seconds. Decisions can be made on the spot. The danger level of a suspected object can be quickly evaluated and promptly acted on. RayzorX is the safest and fastest solution for security operators.


  • Battery Operated (5 hours capability)
  • Laptop Driven Flat Panel System (no PCI cards)
  • Single 164 foot cable on a removable reel
  • Additional reel up to 656 feet
  • Standard imaging area of 9”x9”
  • Wireless operation – 4921 foot capable (line of sight)
  • Can be used with any Golden X-Ray source
  • Backpack system with tough touch-screen laptop
  • Super thin imager (1/2 in)
  • Dynamic range: 14bit (16,384 grey levels)

Also available NOW: the revolutionary XR-DE module. It allows you to distinguish between organic and inorganic materials using a GE pulsed X-Ray source.

xr-de module