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Ultra Light Mini Backpack X-Ray Kit

Hornet backpack kit

The Ultra lightweight portable X-Ray unit is ideal for inspection of items that can’t be brought to a more cumbersome X-Ray unit.

This kit houses everything needed for a rapid response X-Ray capability at less than 9 pounds in weight.

Hornet backpack on soldiers  back
  • Suspicious packages
  • Inaccessible or un-moveable objects or people

Technical Specifications

XR150 X-Ray Generator
  • 150KV Energy Output
  • 4.4 pounds including battery
  • L10.43” x W3.15” x H3.94”
  • 2500 shots per battery charge
Fuji Film
  • 4” x 5” imaging area
  • Super Speed processing
  • 10 instant prints / cartridge
  • Auto Processing in seconds
Kit Contains:

XR150 X-Ray Generator
Fuji 4x5 Cassette
Fuji 10 Shot film cartridge
Rugged Backpack
Spare Battery