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PC Based Portable X-Ray (CCD)

FoxRaylle contents

The foXraylle is the most advanced system of this type in the world. This is the latest and enhanced foXraylle. It is the first REAL-TIME 10 bit CCD based system (1024 grey levels). It presents the highest image quality in the dynamic range, (this is four times higher than any other CCD system), resolution of 1.41p/mm and penetration of over 26mm of steel with the XRS-3. This revolutionary system uses the same software as the SDS Flat Panel imagers. It is fully interchangeable with every SDS Amorphous Silicon (a-Si) Flat Panel.


  • Fully Battery Operated
  • Entire System will fit in carry case
  • Laptop driven (No PCI Cards)
  • Single 50m lightweight cable (connecting imager to laptop) on removable reel
  • Standard image area 8”x10”
  • Other imager sizes 12”x16” and 16.5”x22”
  • Wireless Operation
  • Can be used with Golden X-Ray source

All images can be enhanced via a wide variety of tools. They are saved in the built-in database. It automatically maintains a complete range of information such as date, time, username, place, X-Ray source, type of imager, category, exposure time, project, etc. This relieves the user from having to physically enter most of the data.

FoxRaylle close up FoxRaylle close up FoxRaylle field set up